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Computer Water Analysis in Muskoka and Northern Ontario

The ideal hot tub experience depends on pure, unadulterated water. At Hot Tub Warehouse, we offer a full range of products in the Muskoka area and Northern Ontario to assist you in your water maintenance needs. These include filters, test strips and scents that relax the mind, body and spirit. For our water analysis work we proudly carry brands like SpaBoss Hot Tub Chemicals, EcoOne® Spa (water care systems) and AquaFinesse which works with eco-friendly substances. Plus, we offer top-level service and prices that can’t be beaten. Owning a spa is fun again with Hot Tub Warehouse’s smart water analysis techniques and products.


SpaBoss is a professional grade line of products which is comparable if not superior to other brands.


EcoOne® Spa water care system is the easiest to use and safest water treatment system on the market today. Our spa system will replace and reduce your need for the vast majority of spa care chemicals.


The patented technology behind AquaFinesse has proven to be revolutionary and years ahead of its time as it demonstrates consistent outstanding results. The Special Water team has succeeded in addressing the real cause of bacterial pollution by developing a range of products to mitigate biofilm in an environmentally friendly way. Until now, this had only been achievable by using the harshest of chemicals, with their well-documented disadvantages such as toxic action to the environment and corrosion causing properties.
AquaFinesse products are not biocides and do not contain complicated organic compounds. They work simply by loosening the biofilm (slimy layers) from their substrate to keep your pool or hot tub clean and crystal clear.

Beachcomber Water Care

CARE FREE is the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. CARE FREE is a 4-in-1 weekly water care system that replaces traditional water conditioners such as sequestering agents, oxidizers, biofilm disruptors and clarifiers. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the CARE FREE BOOST™ sanitizer.

Eco-friendly Water Maintenance

Rely on us for your hot tub, spa and pool water analysis.

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