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Signature Hot Tubs, Softubs and Portable Hot Tubs in Muskoka and Northern Ontario

Hot Tub Warehouse presents superior product lines from premium brands Marquis®, Softub and RotoSpa. We have a wide assortment of options for your distinct lifestyle needs. Sit back, relax and choose from our elegant hot tubs, stylish softubs and durable portable hot tubs in Muskoka and Northern Ontario. Our top-quality products come with advanced features and are sculpted with panache for exclusive properties of Muskoka. They are stylish, high on performance and practical at the same time, as they are designed with hygiene and energy-efficiency in mind and are watertight, durable and can withstand extreme weather.


Marquis® hot tubs are designed to provide you with the ultimate hot tub experience. Aside from refined beauty, each spa features advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance. Whether you want all the unique features imaginable or want to include the specific features you desire, you’re sure to discover the perfect hot tub to fit your lifestyle.

Signature Series Hot Tubs
A Marquis® hot tub is the ultimate hot tub experience! The moment you first set your eyes on a Marquis®, you’ll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted – the sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body – the river rock footwell, hand-picked from an Oregon river – and the solid, exclusive DuraWood extruded from a hand-honed board. Marquis®’ eye for detail knows no bounds.
E-Series Hot Tubs
The e-Series by Marquis® is a practical choice, offering standard features such as insulation, SmartClean™ filtration, efficient equipment, e-zone™ hydrotherapy, stainless steel jet fittings, waterfalls, headrests and plug-and-play models. Some amazing options include Twilight™ LED lighting system with backlit cup holders, Tempo™ audio system plus the Ozonator system with corona discharge. See if the e-Series hot tubs are the right choice for your best life.


8 Reasons For a Softub Spa

1. Portable
Portable, light and easy to install - softubs are the most versatile hot tubs in the world, defying limits and redefining the meaning of endless possibilities.
2. Quiet
Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet! Thanks to our innovative Whisper Technology Softub motors are the quietest in the industry.
3. Energy-Efficient
Softubs have been the undisputed market leaders in heat recovery and heat recycling technology for over twenty years, producing award-winning hot tubs without a separate heater. The Hydromate incorporates a pump, motor and heater into a single unit. The filtered water is heated by the excess heat that is naturally generated by the motor, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum. This innovative technology and the use of our high-density insulating foam “Polybond” make your Softub the most energy-efficient hot tub on the market.
4. Weather-Resistant
Come rain or shine, heat wave or deep freeze, LeatherTex, the outer vinyl of your Softub Spa will withstand even the severest of weather conditions. Softubs are built to last and stand for durability and weather resistance.
5. Hygienic
The automatic cleaning function of the Ozonator aids intensive and hygienic water care, allowing you to use fewer chemicals whilst keeping your water crystal clear. Please note that Ozone is an optional feature.
6. Flexible
Easy Installation, innovative foam material and departure from pre-shaped and restrictive seating provides freedom of movement and ultimate comfort in any position.
7. Comfortable
Softub spas are a haven of comfort and relaxation. The soft but firm foam material Polybond provides optimal comfort and support in any position, undoubtedly creating the most comfortable lounging spa to date.
8. Stylish
Leather effect materials, stylish colours, high-quality surrounds and state-of-the-art accessories make Softub the quintessence of design, style and quality.


Why RotoSpa?

Quality and Comfort
RotoSpa portable hot tubs are designed with your comfort in mind. Every tub is built with care and attention to detail. The hot tub shell withstands the demands of a cold climate and will provide you with a lifetime of hot tub pleasure. RotoSpa hot tubs are water tested three times during fabrication, so you are guaranteed to have a water tight hot tub. The pumps and components have been carefully chosen for performance and durability and are the same as the components in a much more expensive tub. The comfort you get from a RotoSpa hot tub is a full luxury experience. Imagine relaxing in the lounge seating as the powerful jets massage your back, feet and lift your spirit. Let the subtle lighting set the mood and forget the troubles of the day, every day. You owe it to yourself and your family to find out how a RotoSpa portable hot tub can make life just a little better.
RotoSpa portable hot tubs offer all of the features and conveniences you are looking for at an unbeatable price. There are no additional expenses such as wiring or site preparation involved in installing your hot tub and the low operating cost provides means you can afford to use it every day. Visit your local RotoSpa dealer and find out why RotoSpa portable hot tubs are the value leader. RotoSpa portable hot tubs represent an investment in your home and yourself, but the real investment is in your quality of life. Find comfort and connection with yourself and those you love in a RotoSpa portable hot tub.