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Signature Hot Tubs, and Portable Hot Tubs in Muskoka and Northern Ontario

Hot Tub Warehouse presents superior product lines from premium brands Beachcomber and Spartan (made by Innova Spa/Pur Spa). We have a wide assortment of options for your distinct lifestyle needs. Sit back, relax and choose from our elegant hot tubs, and durable portable hot tubs in Muskoka and Northern Ontario. Our top-quality products come with advanced features and are sculpted with panache for exclusive properties of Muskoka. They are stylish, high on performance and practical at the same time, as they are designed with hygiene and energy-efficiency in mind and are watertight, durable and can withstand extreme weather.

Customers can swing by the store today and see the 11 new floor models that we have available.


We have a premium collection of hot tubs by Beachcomber that can cater to everyone. Beachcomber is proudly based out of Surrey, BC, with 46 years of business experience and is the leader in energy-efficient tubs.

Beachcomber’s top-of-the-line premium range of products include

  • 300 Series

  • 500 Series

  • 700 Series

To learn more about Beachcomber's range of products, visit their website here.

Spartan (Made by Innova Spa/Pur Spa)

At Hot Tub Warehouse, we boast a collection of luxury hot tubs from Spartan.

Its sleek, modern design radiates functionality and has features such as a backlit, cascading waterfall, external LED sconce lighting, hand recesses for easy portability, and complete access to plumbing and equipment. The Spartan provides a rewarding spa ownership experience due to its unparalleled luxury, ambience, and usefulness.

To get into more detail, visit their website and learn more about hot tubs by Spartan.

List of Brands

We source our products carefully and from brands we trust:


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