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Tips for Spas and Hot Tubs in Muskoka and Northern Ontario

1. Hot Tub Not Operating?

If it is after hours and winter please put a small heater in where the motor is. Be careful not to make it too hot or too close to plumbing as the lines may melt. The water in the body of the tub will not freeze for a couple of days but leave the lid closed.
Leave a message on our voice mail and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a service appointment.

2. Cloudy Water?

This can be caused by many things; dirty or old filter, low sanitizer, high pH, minerals in the water etc… Please bring your water in for analysis – it only takes a few minutes and it’s free! Our knowledgeable staff can help you get your hot tub or pool water crystal clear in no time.

3. Strong Chlorine or Bromine Smell?

Make sure you use the recommended amount of Spa Shock weekly in a hot tub and biweekly in a pool, to oxidize the used up sanitizer and keep your hot tub or pool at its best.

4. Foaming Water?

Soft water and/or bacteria can cause foaming or bubbles in your hot tub water. Spa Shock will help this and so will hardening the water with calcium. A sample of your water will help us determine how much calcium your water requires.

5. Rinse your filter(s) and soak in filter cleaner monthly.

The cleaner your filter, the cleaner your water.

6. For alternative ways to keep your water sparkling clean, with fewer chemicals, please drop in or give us a call. We can help with all your questions.

7. Visit this website often for more helpful tips.

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